Maxime Hendrikse Liu ’23

Maxime Hendrikse Liu '23

Voice Part: Alto/Vocal Percussion
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Concentration: Theater Arts/Computer Science

Maxime Hendrikse Liu is the latest in our series of Bay Area Keys. Although she is allergic to most creatures with fur, her patronus is a black lab who likes cats. Maxime’s beverages of choice are milk, water, and tea, and she enjoys eating lemons in front of unsuspecting passersby. Her Meyers-Briggs type is “The Advocate”, which is clear in the passion, care, and cough drops that she generously bestows upon her fellow Keys. When she isn’t beating boxes or posting on her Word of the Day blog, Maxime likes to sneak around exploring the inner worlds of the buildings on Brown’s campus.

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