Lucid Clairvoyant ’23

Lucid Clairvoyant '23

Voice Part: Alto
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Concentration: Visual Arts

Though Lucid Clairvoyant does not have the superpower of their namesake, they are a superstar in more ways than one. A visual arts concentrator in the Class of 2023 (with an interest in neuroscience), they can be found making amazing pieces for Post magazine, listening to the details of a friend’s dream, or even knitting in class (and once, a Billy Joel concert) but wouldn’t be caught DEAD crocheting. A big fan of poppies, pastel pinks and neons, it’s awfully fitting that this dazzling makeup prodigy hopes to dye their hair all colors of the rainbow before they graduate. Lucid continues to dazzle us and others as a star alto and with their colorful character—Keep shining, Lucid!

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