John Coady ’23

John Coady '23

Voice Part: Tenor
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Concentration: Religious Studies/Theatre Arts

You can find our beloved John Coady (always first AND last name) in the deepest realms of basketball and far-left Twitter. Though he’s a huge fan of both live and e-sports, few are aware of John Coady’s secret fascination with the Marble-lympics, which is in fact exactly what it sounds like. Easily identifiable in his all-Hollister ensemble, John Coady is nevertheless full of surprises, prepared to switch from talking football to talking musicals in a heartbeat. He counts theatre as one of the greatest joys in his life, and once famously said, “Nothing makes me happier than performing and making people’s day. I want to chase that feeling for the rest of my life.” Well, John Coady, we’re grateful that you chased that feeling all the way into the Higher Keys.

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