Erica Song ’24

Erica Song '24

Voice Part: Soprano
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Concentration: Applied Mathematics – Biology

Erica Song is a ray of sunshine in our lives, blessing us with her lifelong love of singing, her infectious joyful energy, and her wonderfully-apt surname. Hailing from Columbus, Indiana, this multi-talented member of the Class of 2024 is a master at playing classical piano, delivering accidental innuendos, stubbing her toes, and performing tongue twisters (the last of which she can capably demonstrate by performing an impressive Chinese tongue-twister rap). This Key’s energetic nature once earned her the nickname “Squirrel,” and though her energy has become calmer over time, she must still be kept from consuming too much coffee or delicious, delicious chocolate—or else her jitters may never stop. At Brown, Erica will likely be studying Applied Mathematics – Biology. Outside of Brown, her goal is to bring happiness to everyone she meets: a goal that she achieves every single day.

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