Temma Schaecter ’21

Temma Schaecter '21

Voice Part: Mezzo
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Concentration: Psychology, Music

Temma’s distinctly “Temma” style wowed us all when she joined the group, and continue to wow us everyday. This one works hard, plays hard, but loves the hardest with all her heart (seriously, how does she care so much about everyone?? We don’t know!!) Whether she’s giving Tony award-winning performances in Leeds Theater or Grammy award-winning performances at gigs on the grass (or her soundcloud, check her out) she makes it her mission to share the unbelievable talents she has with everyone around her. We’re hoping that as she’s in the group we’ll be able to siphon off bits of her talent and absorb them ourselves, but the science is still out on that one!

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