Kieran Pandey ’23

Kieran Pandey '23

Voice Part: Bass
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Concentration: Undeclared

Old for his grade and wise beyond his years, Kieran is pretty sure that a steady childhood diet of 100% mac-and-cheese equipped him with the necessary strength to tackle all of life’s biggest adventures, including a year backpacking through South America. His passion for exploration and love for nature usually tend to manifest in hiking and mountain biking, though he has been known to scale a mountain or two along the way. A curiosity about the world that began at his Bay-area elementary school run by Benedictine monks brought him all the way across the country to Brown University, where Kieran says his favorite thing is that “as long as you ask the right questions, you’ll never get bored.” As for the Keys, he describes singing with the group as “the safest feeling in the world. Those moments of belonging during the act of singing are some of the best moments of my life.”

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