Jack McCahan ’25

Jack McCahan '25

Voice Part: Bass
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Concentration: Music/Environmental Studies

Originally from Wayland, Massachusetts (yes, named after the same person as the arch), “Rumor Has It” Jack is THE biggest Adele and Lady Gaga fan you will ever meet. A couple of the “Million Reasons” why he should hold this title: he can name all of Lady Gaga’s songs and still holds tickets to see her perform that he’s had since the pre-pandemic era. Although he officially sings bass in the group, Jack is secretly a soprano; look no further than his post-rehearsal Adele-esque riffs in Steinert for proof. His high notes ring all the way down the street (perhaps all the way to Wayland, MA…who knows?). Not only is he a top-tier singer, but he’s also quite the artist. Among his many masterpieces: stunning clay pumpkins, an exquisite elephant-shaped flower pot, and a copper flower due on the last day of high school. Guess some people are just “Born This Way” — so full of talent! Outside of music and art, Jack sets a stellar example as a champion against cruelty towards animals, from sticking faithfully to a vegetarian diet since the seventh grade to sporting a vegan cork wallet. Welcome to the Keys, Jack — we’re so lucky to have “Someone Like You,” who we can’t keep a “Poker Face” around!

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