Emily Smith-Feldman ’22

Emily-Smith Feldman '22

Voice Part: Soprano
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Concentration: Neuroscience/Music

Emily Smith-Feldman is a senior from the fine and highly underrated state of New Jersey. Her flowing red mane can be spotted around the Brown campus petting any and all dogs in the vicinity and hiding from her Neuroscience homework. Her hidden talent is making friendship bracelets– none of the Keys have ever received one so it must be reaaallly deeply hidden, but she shows her love for us through clever sarcasm and copious hugs. Emily’s un-talent is all sports with the exception of chess, at which she’s mediocre, but if she could be any Olympian, she’d join Ireland’s bobsledding team. Emily’s self-proclaimed spirit animal is the hedgehog because they’re prickly on the outside but nice within, and in a fun twist, when asked about her love language, Emily replied: “Well, I only know Spanish” Te amamos también, Emily <3

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