Britney De Leon ’25

Britney De Leon '25

Voice Part: Alto
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Concentration: Sociology

Born and raised in Koreatown, LA, Britney is remarkably talented both artistically and (in more of a rarity for the Keys) athletically! Britney has become familiar with the nooks and crannies of LA from the countless miles she has run through its parks and neighborhoods. Her passion for running even led her to train to run a marathon — which she completed successfully in 2020, and was ready to do it again in 2021, had the COVID pandemic not ended up shutting it down. On her runs through LA’s parks, she also collects flowers, which she presses and collects in journals: each flower represents a memory of the specific time and place of where she picked it. Britney also expresses her artistic side through embroidery, watercolors, and, of course, music — her love of which began with singing along to Bruno Mars when she was very little. As if her fantastic singing wasn’t enough, Britney also taught herself how to play ukelele, guitar, and began teaching herself to play piano over quarantine! Beyond art, music, and running, Britney also loves animals, including her cat Chorizo (and one day, a ragdoll cat that she will name Sapphire). Britney aims to live authentically, pursuing her curiosities and chasing what will give her fulfillment or push her outside her comfort zone — and we’re so glad that that pursuit brought her to sing with us!

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