Benjamin Hokenson ’24

Benjamin Hokenson '24

Voice Part: Tenor
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Concentration: Behavioral Decision Sciences

It’s hard to say where Benjamin Hokenson is from. He has lived in no less than Philly, Massachusetts, New York, and Mexico, but if you also count his high school exchange programs, you can add a few more countries—India, Cambodia, Norway, the list goes on. What can we say? He’s worldly. When he’s not traveling, though, you can find him scuba diving at home, studying Behavioral Decision Sciences here, or most of all, making music anywhere. Seriously, the man is on Spotify; go check him out @ Benjamin Michael. At the end of the day, though, Benjamin is all about keeping an open mind and having a good adventure, whether that’s all the way across the world or here in Providence. He’s a thrill seeker, not in the rollercoaster sense, but in the “always down to go out” sense. We love to see it, Benjamin. So glad to have you.

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