Higher Keys Big Life Update: 2021!

Hello everyone!

The past year(s) have been truly tumultuous, but somehow, the Higher Keys have made it safely into 2021!

In the fall of 2019, we welcomed several new baby Keys from the Class of 2023: Maxime Hendrikse Liu, Sarah Lewis, Enahm Oscar-Phoenix, and Kieran Pandey! In the spring of 2020, we welcomed our newest member: John Coady, also Class of 2023!









The winter 2020 tour brought us back to the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time in four years. We explored the regional parks of Portola Valley, collaborated with the Stanford a cappella group Talisman, performed at Berkeley High School, explored the big city, and visited the Golden Gate Bridge (this last adventure capped off with a memorable night of performing on the subway as we crossed beneath the bay, complete with a promo from a German influencer)! Thank you again to the Pandey and Hendrikse Liu families for hosting us!

Spring 2020 signaled the unfortunate arrival of COVID-19 and a series of tearful, too-soon farewells to over half of our beloved a cappella family. With innumerable hugs, we said (and sang) goodbye to our wonderful Class of 2020: Ted Catlin, Arthur Chen, Mariya Gedrich, Ari Goldbloom-Helzner, Galen Tiong, Laura Jaramillo, and Olivia Langley.

Though the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to in-person singing around the world, we have continued to support each other and stay connected through regular Zoom meetings and socially distant hangouts! These have included Kahoots (because who doesn’t love every middle school math teacher’s favorite quiz), virtual board game nights, and tiny jam sessions in parks and backyards. 

We are brainstorming ways to continue to collaborate, even when present circumstances prevent us from singing in-person. And we of course look forward to what fresh faces, opportunities, and challenges this new, uncertain year will bring!

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